The Perfect Wedding Ring

The ring of your dreams custom made.

Stunning. Made-to-order. Durable. Customizable. With free shipping worldwide.

At Titanium Rings we create titanium wedding bands just the way you want it.

Choose from a range of designs, and add your own personal touch.

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How To Clean Your Ring

Got grease on your ring? Or it’s just time for a clean up. You want your ring to look like the first day you got it. Well, you will be happy to know, the solution is easy!

Keep your ring pristine on a regular basis, it’s easy!
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What is a Titanium Ring?

Are you thinking of a special gift for your loved one? Celebrating a momentous event?

Why should you think of titanium for your rings? Isn't Titanium used in airplanes? Why should I wear something like that?

There are several reasons why you should. And, when you get to know them, I am pretty sure you won’t be able to wait to get one.

Here it goes...

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Titanium Rings: More than just a piece of jewelry

What does a ring mean to you?

We hope you ask that question as you’re looking around for a titanium ring - we’ve certainly thought about it. When our founder, Roy Arnell planned the first ring designs, he knew titanium would be an important foundation, not just practically, but in its meaning. Our titanium rings won’t bend under pressure, which is a resilience we know they’ll bring to your own life, or your marriage. Our engineers still keep that meaning in mind when designing a new titanium ring, but that’s not where it ends. Our ring-makers bring that philosophy of strength with them as they craft each ring uniquely to suit you.

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Titanium Rings Workshop - Behind The Scenes In the early 1990s, co-founder Roy Arnell crafted a titanium mountain bike stem that would play a part in a lifelong love for design and craftsmanship.  Decades later, that craftsmanship can be seen in the form of exquisite rings produced by an amazing team in the “original titanium workshop”.
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If the Ring Fits...

 You spend months planning the perfect engagement. You discuss the possibility of spending the rest of your lives together. Everything is set, the ring is chosen and the proposal is just as you dreamed. And then, the romantic moment to place the sparkling ring on your beloved's finger comes and ... the ring does not fit. Nothing kills a perfect proposal like an ill-fitted engagement ring. Thankfully, there are simple, innovative ways to ensure that the moment stays magical and the ring fits perfectly. 

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Titanium as compared to the various other jewelry metals such as gold, platinum, silver and tungsten (metal-ceramic)


Titanium is naturally a grey-silvery metal, but has the ability to be anodized in several colors as well as black diamond treated for a glossy durable black look.

Tungsten is a similar grey-silver colored metal-ceramic that can also sometimes be found treated with some black coatings for a shiny black look.

Gold is usually 'carated' mixed with other metals to add durability due to its natural softness. These other metals can alter the color of the gold to make softer yellows, whites-greys, pinks and other more recent colors.

Platinum is a whiter silver color than titanium.

Silver has a very white silvery look.

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Your Custom Titanium Ring: Design a Ring As Unique As You


The car you drive, the scent on your neck, the shoes on your feet all tell the world who you are, so why wouldn’t you want a unique ring too? Custom titanium rings allow you to wear jewelry designed just for you, as a reflection of you.

Unlike other metals, there are a surprising number of ways you can customize women’s or men’s titanium rings to make your jewelry stand out from the crowd. Explore them all so you can create a ring everyone will be asking about.

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