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Titanium Rings: Why Wear Titanium

Titanium rings have been around for a while. As of lately, people are building hype over the durability and other unique features the metal has. So why is titanium taking the spotlight away from other metals? Follow along, and we will tell you why people are raving over the exquisite features titanium brings to your jewelry.

What is titanium?

Titanium is a grey silverish metal made to withstand even the toughest of jobs. Our titanium is aircraft-grade which means it's meant to stay strong and holds its value for years to come. The benefit of titanium is that it can be anodized in several different colours. Titanium can also come with a glossy or matt finish. Gold and silver are very soft metals which results in possible bends in comparison to titanium. Although the finish is elegant, silver and gold don't have much variation in colour, which gives titanium the upper hand.

Titanium is strong against the everyday living.

The aircraft-grade metal is made to withstand the most demanding environments. Titanium is heated to a specific temperature before it can mould to its desired shape. As it cools, the ability to reshape is lost. Unlike other metals, titanium is also scratch-proof. Tungsten is rigid but brittle, making it susceptible to scratches. Gold is soft and scratches quickly, causing rings and jewelry to wear down over the years. Titanium makes a great ring as it combines elegance, shines like gold and its strong like tungsten. As a result, titanium is an excellent metal for those who like jewelry but have a very active lifestyle or labour-intensive job.

Titanium is Hypoallergenic

Both nickel and cobalt are the main culprits that cause allergic reactions to those who like to wear jewelry. Luckily, titanium doesn't have these two metals. Titanium is very hypoallergenic and suitable for people with sensitive skin. Unlike copper and rose gold, titanium won't cause any colour change on the skin. If you were to purchase something stating its titanium and it causes a rash or discolouration, it is not genuine.

How to tell if a titanium ring is real?

There are a few simple ways to determine if your ring is real or fake. The strength of the ring is the biggest tell. If your ring bends easily, it is likely not genuine titanium and either a blend or titanium coated. The scratch-proof is the second easy tell. Titanium rings are designed to hold their elegance for years to come. They should be brand new every day you wear them. If there are noticeable scratches, most likely, your titanium ring is fake or not pure. Lastly is reaction and colouration in the skin. If you see a rash, irritation, or discolouration in the skin where your ring sits, it is most likely not genuine titanium.

Titanium makes unique rings that should last as long if not longer than the day you say "I do." If you see any of these signs that your rings might not be real titanium, reach out to an expert jeweller in your area.

Skip the research and put one of our aircraft-grade titanium rings on your finger today! 


  • Sep 16, 2021
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