We welcome the chance to answer any questions you have. We want you to love your new titanium ring!

Here are some of the more frequently asked questions that we receive and links to where you can find the answers on our website. If there is a question you have that is not answered here, or elsewhere on this site, please send your inquiry to our website Chat service or email us at support@titaniumrings.com.

1. What color is titanium?

In short, titanium is a white metal with a smoky charcoal grey hue. its natural color is darker and deeper than silver or white gold. Visit our finishes page for detailed information on color and finishings.

2. Does titanium come in different colors?

Titanium is a reactive metal that can be anodized in different colors by thermal or electrolytic processes. Our anodized colour options are Magenta, Shifting Purple, Blue, Teal, Spring Green, Gold and Rose Gold.

Anodizing is not a paint or a layer of color physically applied to the ring. Color is obtained via an electro-chemical process that affects the outer layers of the metal. It is a topical (surface) finish.

During anodizing, the metal is immersed into an electrolytic bath through which an electric current is passed. This causes an oxide layer to form on the surface of the metal, creating the color.

This is why we apply our anodizing colours only into recessed areas of a ring (carvings, grooves) where the colours are better protected from wear and direct contact, and will last far longer.

Anodizing colors do require maintenance once in a while to restore the vibrant original tone. Re-anodizing a ring is part of our titanium rings warranty.

3. Is a titanium ring scratch-proof?

We would love to say, “yes!” but it is not so. Like any other ring, a titanium band will eventually become lightly scratched and could show scuff marks from everyday wear. We offer lifetime refinishing as part of our warranty for customers who purchase their ring through this website. Visit the warranty page for this information. To improve the durability of your titanium ring, we offer Diamond Coating finishing options which dramatically improves surface hardness. Visit the finishes page for more information.

4. How long does it take to get my ring?

We make your ring only after you order, so it depends on the manufacturing time of each individual ring (which is stated in the description of each ring) and the shipping method you choose.

5. Do you offer a “rush” service?

Yes, we do. Rush order is offered at additional cost depending on the ring, it takes 3 business days off standard manufacturing time. Expedited shipping is available at different speed as well.

6. Can my ring be cut off my finger in case of emergency?

Yes, it can. Even stronger titanium alloys can be cut without much difficulty. We have performed tests on a 6AI/4V ring with a basic (manual) ring cutter, and it cut through in under 2 minutes. Hospital and paramedic ring cutters are usually electric and would be even quicker.

7. What if my ring does not fit?

If you mistakenly ordered the wrong size or you were improperly sized, our warranty covers sizing up to 1/2 size larger or 1/4 size smaller with use of a titanium rod. This is applicable for most styles at no additional charge. See warranty page for more information. Following the guidelines on our sizing page will help ensure you order the correct size.

8. What happens if I do not like my ring once I have it on my hand?

That does not happen often. However, we do have a return policy. You will find it on the returns page.

9. Do your rings come with a “comfort fit”?

As a general rule, all of our titanium ring edges are slightly rounded and smooth to avoid the discomfort of sharp edges. All of our rings come default with comfort fit. This ensures a nice, tight fit with all required comfort. If you have questions regarding the comfort of a selection prior to ordering, please contact our live chat or send us an email at support@titaniumrings.com

10. I have large knuckles. Rings that fit over my knuckle tend to feel too loose on my finger. What do you suggest?

A ring with a greater width may sit better on your finger. Browse our men's titanium rings or women's titanium rings to select a wide-width band that will suit you. Also, for no additional charge we can add a tightening rod to the inside of the band to help take up some of the excess looseness on the finger. Visit our sizing page for more information.

11. What kind of titanium do you use?

All of the rings we sell are made from an aircraft grade titanium, commonly used in the aerospace industry. It is grade 23 ELI 6Al4V medical grade extra pure titanium material. It was developed in the 1950s and contains 90% titanium, 6% aluminum and 4% vanadium. It is the most widely available high strength titanium alloy. Because it is lightweight, neutral and has a high tensile strength, it is found in many applications in the sport and leisure industry and in contemporary jewelry.

12. What does Ring Width and Ring Thickness mean?

Ring width is the amount of area that the ring will take on your finger from the base of your finger up toward the knuckle. The coins in the second image are US nickels and if you have some around the house, stacking them is an easy way to visualize what your desired width might be. Ring thickness indicates how thick the ring is from the inside diameter to the outside diameter. From the inside diameter to the outside diameter, most of our rings average 2.2mm-2.4mm.

The Stealth collection, true to its name, is one of the only exceptions at 1.5 to 1.6mm and the To Infinity Solitaire is another, measuring 1.6 -1.8mm in thickness.

13. You say that titanium has high tensile strength. What does this mean?

Tensile strength refers to the amount of resistance that is required to withstand a force before something is permanently broken. You’ll find your titanium ring will maintain its perfect round shape without the deformity or bending that is commonly found in gold or silver rings.  

14. Information about Certified Diamonds

All of our 5mm and 6mm diamonds are certified, and custom fitted into each setting by a jeweller.  All of our customers who order a 5mm or 6mm diamond receive a certificate with their purchase, which has information about the diamond cut and clarity.  Each of our diamonds are certified with a diamond quality of SI1 - SI2 and color G to H.  Purchasing a diamond is a big investment. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to reach out to us on live chat, or send us an email.  Our staff are fully trained and ready to answer your questions.  You can also visit our About Our Diamonds Page here. 

15. Why is the currency in US$?

We sell and ship to customers internationally, so we use USD as the common currency for transactions. You can select and choose the preferred currency to show the ring price on the top right corner of the website.