Black Titanium Rings

Our very own Black Coating is extremely durable and scratch-resistant!

We developed our coating with the help of some of the brightest engineers from the University of British Columbia. We are very proud to offer this diamond-like coating (DLC) on any of our rings. 
With its ultra gloss finish, this silky smooth coating provides the ultimate in protection for your black titanium ring.
Do black titanium rings fade?
You'll be excited to know that your black titanium ring won't fade. The process to create black titanium rings penetrates well beneath the surface of the ring making it extremely difficult for it to fade.

Black Titanium Rings are a great choice as a wedding band if you're hoping for something durable, long-lasting, and something that will never go out of style.

Stealth | Black Titanium Ring
Our Stealth Titanium ring with its extra-low flat profile, is designed for men and women looking for a...
Apex | Black Titanium Ring
Traditional metals look excellent, but if you want to stand out, the Apex black titanium ring is a go-to pick. Simple in its design,...
Eclipse | Black Titanium Ring
You don’t need an intricate ring to show your commitment or style. This simple domed Eclipse black titanium ring is by...
Apex | Two-Tone Titanium Ring
The Two-Toned Apex Titanium ring features steeply beveled edges that are natural Titanium hued, in stark contrast with...
Samurai | Black Titanium Ring
Inspired by the honor of samurais, the Samurai black titanium ring will catch the eye of anyone. The slanted edge-cuts on the...
Stella | Black Titanium Solitaire Ring
Feel like a princess in a classic film when you’re wearing the Stella Black Titanium Solitaire engagement ring. Its elegant...
Mojo | Black Titanium Ring
Fun, yet bold. We carved a simple groove into our traditional flat profile Facia black titanium ring for a slight twist. The...
Abyss | Two-Tone Titanium Ring
Inspired by the cult classic movie, the Abyss two-toned black titanium ring is a definite talking piece. Its...
Abyss | Black Titanium Ring
Our Black Diamond Coated Abyss Titanium wedding band is inspired by the cult classic movie and can be...
Ascent | Black Titanium Ring
The gentler sloped bevel cuts that adorn the Ascent black titanium ring complement its clean, linear, geometrical look....
Facia | Black Titanium Ring
Our Facia Titanium ring with its linear, flat profile is an all-time classic that features both simplicity and...
Soulmate | Black - Titanium Ring
A classic, simple domed aircraft-grade Titanium ring adorned with a lightly carved in Chinese symbol for Soulmate. A...