Mens Wedding

Whether you're looking for a wedding band with a minimal design or one that makes a statement, we have a variety of men's wedding ring styles to choose from. Crafted with precision for ultimate comfort and durability. A free lifetime warranty is included with all our rings.



Eclipse | Men's Titanium Ring
An absolute classic. This simple domed Eclipse ring is by far one of our most popular Titanium rings,...
Stealth Facia Titanium Ring
Our Stealth Titanium ring with its extra-low flat profile, is our modernized version of an all-time classic designed...
Apex | Men's Titanium Ring
This classic Apex Titanium ring features understated elegance. Crafted with steep bevel cuts on each side to further...
Abyss | Men's Titanium Ring
Inspired from James Cameron's 1989 cult movie "The Abyss", this sturdy, all Titanium ring has become an increasingly...
Lunar Eclipse | Men's Titanium Ring
Another great classic, this simple Lunar Eclipse Titanium ring is our Eclipse's counterpart, featuring a simple dome profile...
Stealth | Black Titanium Ring
Our Stealth Titanium ring with its extra-low flat profile, is designed for men and women looking for a...
Apex | Black Titanium Ring
Traditional metals look excellent, but if you want to stand out, the Apex black titanium ring is a go-to pick. Simple in its design,...
Eclipse | Black Titanium Ring
You don’t need an intricate ring to show your commitment or style. This simple domed Eclipse black titanium ring is by...
Apex | Two-Tone Titanium Ring
The Two-Toned Apex Titanium ring features steeply beveled edges that are natural Titanium hued, in stark contrast with...
Facia | Mens Titanium Ring
Our Facia Titanium ring, with its linear, flat profile is an all-time classic that features both simplicity and...
Contour | Mens Titanium Ring
Our Contour Titanium ring design features a wide, flat profile with two smooth, rounded edges making this ring...
Samurai | Men's Titanium Ring
Our take on an ancient Japanese tradition. The slanted edge-cuts on the Samurai Titanium ring offers a bold,...
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