Womens Wedding

Everyone has their own unique style, and what better way than expressing yourself and your commitment in your wedding band. Browse from a wide selection of women's titanium wedding band designs from simple, to contemporary, to vintage.


Eclipse | Women's Titanium Ring
An absolute classic. This simple domed Eclipse ring is by far one of our most popular Titanium rings,...
Bumblebee | Womens Titanium Ring
We added two deeply carved grooves towards each edge of a timeless classic dome for our Bumblebee Titanium...
Eclipse Journey Cut Titanium Ring
The Journey cut is a unique and symbolic Tension setting representing life and the journey of the beholder....
Amore | Womens Titanium Ring
The Amore Titanium wedding band is a deeply carved Celtic heart inspired design. Symbolic of infinite and endless...
Abyss | Women's Titanium Ring
Inspired from James Cameron's 1989 cult movie "The Abyss", this Titanium ring has become an increasingly popular and...
Apex | Women's Titanium Ring
This classic Apex Titanium ring features understated elegance. Crafted with steep bevel cuts on each side to further...
Aria | Womens Titanium Ring
Our Aria features squared edge cuts on each side to further accent its crisp, classic look. This ring...
Crater | Women's Titanium Ring
This gently domed Crater Titanium ring was further enhanced with an antiqued, hammered texture. The bumpy surface is...
The Victoria titanium ring has delicate carvings, giving her a unique vintage appeal. She is the perfect companion to many! Stack...
Chrysalis | Womens Titanium Ring
The Chrysalis features a wider centre domed profile, accented by two narrow, raised edges on each side. A...
Contour | Womens
Our Contour Titanium ring design features a wide, flat profile with two smooth, rounded edges making this ring...
Stella | Companion Titanium Ring
The Stella Titanium Companion Band was created to complete the Stella wedding set. The Stella and its companion...
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