Your ring is made for you when you place your order. As an individually crafted, custom piece, you can expect that each ring is like a fingerprint - different in minute ways.

We are proud of our products and workmanship; and we offer you a lifetime warranty on our products in accordance with the details provided on this page.  Please note that the Tuxedo Collection has a 6 month warranty. 


Warranty Details

If your Titanium Ring is found to have a defect in material or workmanship, we will repair your item free of charge. In the event that our workshop determines that the item cannot be repaired, we will replace the item with the same model, or one that is equivalent.

This lifetime warranty is valid only when a new product is purchased through this TitaniumRings.com website. It does not apply to products that are crafted by us, but have been resold to you by other merchants.  

The lifetime warranty does not cover the Tuxedo Collection, as these rings are made with 14K Gold, and will require special care for resizing or other changes to the ring.  Cost of Gold to be covered by the buyer in the event of any sizing changes.  The Tuxedo Collection has a 6 month warranty. 

Lifetime Refinishing

Our titanium jewelry may be returned to us for refinishing. This is a service that we provide free of charge, with the exception of shipping charges to and from our workshop.

We do limit the frequency of warranty refinishing:

  • Titanium jewelry without coatings or inlays may be refinished up to four times per calendar year.
  • Jewelry with our Black Diamond Coating may be refinished once per calendar year.
  • Jewelry with inlays of platinum, gold or silver may be refinished once per calendar year. 

Limitations Regarding Precious Gems

TitaniumRings.com is not liable for lost or cracked stones. If a stone becomes loose or falls out, we will reset the stone free of charge.

Our warranty covers our titanium settings but excludes precious gems.

TitaniumRings.com reserves the right to set limitations according to the value and nature of the stone that is to be set.

We will bridge the tension in our rings free of charge.

Your Responsibilities

Please contact us immediately if you notice any defects in your item.

Retain your proof of purchase documents and packaging. You will be requested to provide proof of purchase in order to receive warranty service, and original packaging is required in the event that you need to return your item. (See Return Policy below)

This warranty does not cover expenses incurred due to a lack of proper care.

Shipments returned to us without proper paperwork, customs declarations or with duties, taxes or freight charges owing will not be accepted and will be returned to sender. 

Changes in Ring Size

We will resize or replace any ring that we have accidentally crafted to an incorrect size from what was ordered.

Please read our sizing instructions prior to ordering your ring. If you have ordered an incorrect size or you require resizing (because over time your finger has changed size), you have some options.

Increasing Ring Size
We can increase the size of most rings by half of a ring size. Some ring models, such as the Stealth, rings with inlays, and stone settings only allow us to increase the ring size by 1/4 of a size.

If you require your ring size to be increased by more than these amounts, it will need to be re-crafted.

Decreasing Ring Size
We are not able to decrease the size of rings. However, we are the innovators in the creation of a tightening rod that we secure to the inside of your ring free of charge. Our tightening rod is a smooth titanium wire, that we weld to the inside of the band.

Tightening rods decrease the ring size by about a quarter of a ring size. They are also a comfortable option for people with larger knuckles. They help reduce the movement of a ring and can make it easier to remove.

Keep in mind that a tightening rod may interfere with inside engraving on your ring. 



This warranty does not cover the following:

  • Defects that are the result of improper care, maintenance or repair.
  • Failures that result from abnormal strain, neglect, modification or accidental damage.
  • Products purchased from merchants other than TitaniumRings.com.
  • Products no longer owned by the original purchaser.
  • Precious metal inlays.
  • Diamonds and gemstones 
  • Tuxedo Collection 
  • Products we no longer offer