Before you purchase a ring online, be sure of your ring size. A titanium ring will feel considerably lighter on your finger than other rings you have worn and there is very little chance that your titanium ring will warp or change shape over time, as happens with other rings. Your finger will love the feel of your titanium ring, and you want to make sure it is sized properly.

A properly-sized ring will fit comfortably on your finger, but will be a little hard to get off. Since the ring has to travel over your knuckle, the ring size is really the size of your knuckle, not the part of your finger below it.

Here are some tips for identifying your ring size:

Ring Sizer Tool

Use our Ring Sizer Tool to measure your fingers at home and ensure a proper fit of your new ring!

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Get measured by a jeweler

We recommend measuring your ring size using steel rings, as used by professional jewelers. Paper strips or strings do not fit the finger as a steel ring, and it is impossible to gauge if a paper or string size moves comfortably over your knuckle. A mandrel, or tapered ring-measuring rod, is also not going to give an accurate measurement.

If you have a ring that fits you comfortably, take it to a jeweler and have it measured for size. Sizing should be measured from the center of the ring.

Ring sizers and measuring techniques can vary from one jeweler to another. Get sized at a few different shops. If sizings vary, take the average. 

Provide us accurate measurements

Sizing is measured from the center of the ring. Providing us with your finger measurement as well as the inside diameter measurement and the width of the sizing ring used helps us the most. Please type this information in the “comments” area of the online order form when you place your order.

Ring sizing varies based on the width of the ring. Wider rings may require a ring size that is 1/8 or 1/4 size bigger than a narrow ring. When determining your ring size for your titanium ring, use a ring that is approximately the same width as your desired titanium ring.

Finger size can change with the time of the day. Fingers tend to be a bit enlarged in the morning and slightly smaller in the evening. Do your measurements in the early afternoon, when your finger is likely to be at its average size.

Consider your knuckle

Some people have large knuckles, and rings that fit over the knuckle are way too big on the part of the finger below the knuckle. If this is the case for you, we can add a small, smooth tightening rod to your ring. It is a piece of titanium that is welded to the inside of the ring. We do this at no charge, but note that it may restrict the length of inside engraving possible on your ring.

Also, if you have larger knuckles, you might find a wider band more comfortable on your finger. Browse our titanium ring catalog to find a style that suits you.


Do not order an engagement ring unless you are sure of your fiancee’s ring size. Take her to a jeweler to get measured using steel measuring rings and using the guidelines we’ve suggested on this page. You will be glad to have gone through the extra effort.

Find the conversion to U.S. sizes

We use U.S. sizes on our website, so you'll need to know your size in U.S. measurements in order to get the correct fit. We want that to be as easy as possible for you, so we've prepared an International Size Conversion Chart! for you to use. Happy sizing!

Plus Size Rings

We carry plus size rings ranging from size 16.25 to size 28. The maximum size available may very for some ring styles. If you would like to place an order for a plus size ring, please select the Over 16 option in the Ring Size dropdown. A new text box will then display where you can enter in your ring size.

Please note: there will be an additional $30 added to the total of the ring for a plus size.