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Our Stella gem setting ring was first made many years (I believe 2009) ago for a couple of close friends who were getting married and described to us a concept that they liked and wondered if it could be made. 
We did our best to craft the delicate spiral style ring they had in mind. One that curved around the gemstone and held it securely as well as showcased it in a floating way. It was a softer and curvier version of our other spiral inspired model the "Etoile".    
Crafted from a solid block of aircraft grade titanium, this ring holds the gemstone in a never tiring secure grasp. The design allows light to flow through the gem from the sides as well as the top and really lets the stone shine!

Later, we created a slender, form fitting companion ring that would hug one side of the Stella gemsetting. The addition of an accent gemstone inset into the Stella companion ring can also be a beautiful addition.  Each Stella companion ring is crafted exactly to the specific dimensions of the Stella gemstone ring and the size of the gemstone it holds, as the width and shape will vary subtly and will affect nesting fit.
We hope that you liked to hear a little about this particular ring models history and design. It has become a very popular choice in the years following. We have enjoyed crafting the Stellas we have made from solid titanium into the specific finger and gemstone sizes for everyone who chose this model from us. 
  • Aug 13, 2022
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