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A History of Customer Service

Over twenty years ago, our co-founder Roy Arnell helped pioneer a movement of titanium rings and black wedding rings in the wedding ring business. In that time, we’ve been delighted to work intimately with so many couples to craft custom, bespoke rings into something intimately personal that can be treasured for a lifetime.

With wedding season in full swing, we wanted to take a moment to celebrate the couples who found their true love – and used our rings to cement that promise to each other.

A Lifetime (or Two) of Love

As a business that focuses on customizable wedding and engagement rings, we hope to give you and yours a symbol of your love that is built to last:


“I am sending you a letter letting you know how much my husband loves his new wedding ring. He originally had a platinum band that matched my grandmother's 2-carat diamond and platinum ring. I picked out the Spiral II for my husband. He loved it so much, he cried! This ring, he can wear and own forever and pass down along with all of our other heirloom jewels.”

- Apry & Jason (and little Joseph) F

Perfect For Even the Pickiest

We’re of the firm opinion that men deserve nice jewelry too. Many of our classic black men’s rings make the perfect titanium wedding ring for any man:


“My fiancé had been shopping for rings for a while and couldn't make up his mind and as soon as he went on your website, he HAD to have the Bumblebee. I wasn't going to let him see it until we got married but he was so into that ring I had to show him. Needless to say, he was all smiles and absolutely loved it. I think that ring is going to make him happier than I am!”

- Cheryl M.

Affordable Prices to Make You Giddy

Throw that two-month's salary engagement ring rule right out the window! In this economy, we pride ourselves on offering beautiful and affordable titanium wedding bands for couples so you can focus on creating memories:


“We ordered Polished Aria wedding bands. We had sampled titanium wedding bands in the mall. They do not look even close to as good or sophisticated and were starting at $800.00 US! We went back to those stores and they just about had heart attacks when they saw these rings. They asked about the price. We giggled, told them to cut their price to one-third and then showered them with the fact that it was for both rings! Paramedics, anyone!”

- Ivan S. and Tamara G.

Made to Order for Anyone and Everyone

Everyone deserves to feel beautiful and special in their partnership. This is why our high-quality titanium rings are for everyone – no matter where you come from, what you do, or who you love:


“I'm proudly wearing the polished slim profile 15 mm wide ring I recently ordered. I absolutely love it. The strength of it as well as the unique look are without words to describe it. To say it's not artistry in the craftsmanship in which it was made would be a bold face untruth. As a basic, regular guy, I couldn't have asked for anything better.”

- Denton

Proven Time and Time Again

We love hearing all the specific details from our customers’ love stories. But across all our reviews is a delight with the quality and beauty of their new rings:


“I just wanted to write a note thanking all of you for the professionalism, timeliness, and above all, the beautiful ring you just made for my fiancé. The ring is so pretty! We both love it and look forward to doing business with you again for our wedding rings. Thanks again.”

- Adam L and Katie M


“My husband's wedding ring is absolutely beautiful! The new one fits perfectly, and he just loves it! Arnell Workshop is probably one of the best places to shop online! Your service, courtesy, and timely shipments are tops in our book!”

- Susan & Arend V


“The rings are absolutely beautiful, even more so than I imagined looking at the pictures on the website. This is the second time your company has come through with a wonderful product and excellent service. Now, in addition to my engagement ring, I have the wedding ring to match.”

- Jane & Daniil U


Want to know more about what a customized titanium ring could look like for you? Check out our article: Custom Titanium Rings – Did You Know? and then shoot us a message!

Titanium Rings takes great pride in the unique design of all their rings, customized to each client’s preferences. Compromised of a team of designers and machinists with over 20 years of experience, Titanium Rings is the go-to for unique rings. Visit titaniumrings.com to get your custom wedding and engagement rings.

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