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Custom Titanium Rings–Did You Know?

We've all heard of titanium, whether by reference to the popular song or the chemical element. More notable is titanium being a chemical element found in nature as an oxide, and through craftsmanship, can be reduced to a silver-coloured metal. Since the metal is resistant to corrosion in the ocean and chlorine and is (basically) indestructible, it's no wonder titanium rings for both men and women are increasing in demand.


Custom Titanium Rings

Did you know that you can get a custom-made titanium ring made exactly to your specifications?  If you love the idea of custom, why not design a titanium wedding band. Each ring is unique in its design, as you aren't picking it off a shelf; they are made to order and are extremely popular as men's wedding bands.

Did you know that titanium is used in aircraft, armour coatings, naval ships, space ships, and missiles? And now there are titanium wedding bands.

Although titanium itself isn't a rare substance, your ring could be. Whether you want a simple titanium ring, black wedding band, or a more elaborate one with gems, such as diamonds, Titanium Rings - The Original Titanium Workshop won't disappoint.


First In Many Areas

Titanium Rings has been adding to their list of firsts. They are the first to adopt precision computer-aided machinery that can cut rings from titanium blocks. In addition, they are the first to design tension settings and full titanium prongs to keep your precious diamonds in their setting.

If you were around in the late 1980s, you would surely remember the Abyss movie. The scene where Ed Harris' ring saves his life could be thanked for putting the spotlight on titanium rings.




Founder of Titanium Rings, Roy Arnell is an experienced manufacturer of titanium products for other industries and has found his niche in designing and creating amazing titanium rings. If a one-of-a-kind ring is what you are after, contact them today to learn more.


  • May 17, 2022
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