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5 Romantic Proposal Ideas for Valentine’s Day

Getting engaged is a big deal and we know that planning a wedding proposal can be nerve-wracking. Whether you’re wanting to pop the question in a simple way or pull out all the stops with something dramatic and unique, there are lots of factors to take into consideration before you even get down on one knee. With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, it could be the perfect opportunity to plan a romantic way to propose to your girlfriend or boyfriend. Valentine’s Day is a day for love, so what better day is there to stage a romantic proposal and ask your partner to marry you?

If you need a bit of inspiration to make your proposal special, we’ve put together a list of 5 romantic proposal ideas for a Valentine’s Day engagement!

Valentine's Day Proposal with roses

Champagne & Roses

Champagne and flowers go hand-in-hand with Valentine’s Day, so why not incorporate them into your proposal? This can be a great way to incorporate your proposal into the end of a romantic Valentine’s Day dinner without having to stress about getting everything organized yourself. Surprise your partner with a bouquet of flowers before dinner, then order a couple of glasses of champagne after your meal to celebrate with after you pop the question.

If you want to take an extra step and make the proposal even more unique, hand off the engagement ring to your waiter and have them drop it into one of the champagne glasses. Propose a sweet toast to your partner before asking the big question! Our Cleopatra engagement ring looks gorgeous with a glass of champagne!

Wedding proposal with titanium ring

Hire a Photographer for a Valentine’s Day Photoshoot

Another great way to stage a Valentine’s Day proposal is to hire a photographer and give your partner a couple’s photoshoot for Valentine’s Day. When you book the photoshoot, make sure to let the photographer know that you are planning on proposing. Photographers love getting to capture special moments like proposals and will often have great suggestions for locations that will give you a stunning backdrop for your proposal. Not only will you end up with lots of great photos of the two of you, but you will also get photos of the proposal itself to use to announce your engagement to friends and family.

Couple getting engaged

Use Photos from Your Relationship

If you’re wanting to keep your proposal simple but still have it be sentimental and romantic, consider planning something that incorporates photos from your relationship. You can print out a bunch of photos and pin them up around your home, fill a room with balloons and tie photos from the balloon strings, or string up some twinkle lights and hang photos from them. You don’t just have to use photos either, you can use other mementos like movie ticket stubs and notes.

Not only will it be a sweet way to highlight your journey thus far, but it will be fun for the both of you to reminisce about the amazing memories you already have together.

Wedding proposal at home


Plan a Date Night at Home

If you and your partner plan on spending Valentine’s Day at home this year, why not plan a cute at-home date night to propose? Pick up the ingredients you would need to cook a meal together, crack open a nice bottle of wine and transform your home into your perfect romantic setting. You can dim the lights, light some candles and enjoy one another’s company before you pop the question! Consider our stunning Etoile engagement ring for your home date night proposal!

Valentine's Day proposal at home

Book a Valentine’s Day Getaway

Sometimes you just need to get away from the hustle and bustle, so why not plan a romantic Valentine’s Day getaway for your proposal? There are lots of different spas and resorts that offer Valentine’s Day specials, so taking advantage of one could be the perfect opportunity for you and your partner to get away and make your proposal an unforgettable experience!

Whether you want to go big and bold for your proposal or keep it simple and sweet, these Valentine’s Day proposal ideas are a great place to start. The most important thing about a proposal is that it should reflect your relationship and the love that you and your partner have for one another.


Are you ready to plan your Valentine’s Day proposal but still need a ring? Shop our collection of stunning, titanium engagement and wedding rings to find the perfect one!

  • Jan 04, 2022
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