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Your Dream Collection of Plus-Sized Titanium Rings

At Titanium Rings, we believe our plus-sized customers should have access to more than a single limited collection. We think bigger than that.

That’s why we make all our titanium rings in sizes up to size 22 and our black titanium rings up to size 20.

Our Plus-Sized Titanium Ring Collection

Making the entire Titanium Rings collection available in an extensive sizing range was an easy choice.

We make our rings to order anyway so making them in sizes that fit you – whatever size you are – makes sense.

And Titanium Rings don’t warp over time so they’re perfect for every body! The Aircraft-grade titanium we use is strongly resistant to bending and cracking and doesn’t scratch easily either.

Mens Plus Sized Wedding Rings

Plus-Sized Engagement Rings & Plus-Sized Wedding Bands

If you’re having a hard time finding an engagement ring or wedding band for your plus-sized partner, look no further.

Our engagement collection is stunning – and available in sizes up to 22 (depending on your desired finish).

Again, variety is the spice of life. You can find engagement rings for your partner with diamonds or a wide range of other high-quality gemstones. (Read all about the different meanings behind different love gemstones here.)

And all our stunning wedding bands, including our wedding sets and our matching bands for couples, can be tailored to fit you too.

Plus Sized Wedding Ring Set for Couples

Plus-Sized Titanium Rings for People with Allergies

Tungsten, silver and carat golds are known to cause allergic reactions in some people. While many people react severely to silver.

Often, you’re forced to turn to platinum. But there are other options.

“Aircraft Grade” Titanium, like the stuff we use, is perfectly biocompatible. It’s commonly used for surgical implants and dental fittings. What this means for you is that your Titanium Ring is highly unlikely to cause you to react.

Plus Sized Celtic Ring

How to order your plus-sized titanium rings

It's simple. If your size isn't on our site just send through an inquiry via our website chat.

We haven't been able to include all our sizes on our website since we make our rings in quarter sizes. Inserting our entire sizing range made the website a little cumbersome.

Soon, you'll be able to order ring sizes up to 16 via our online shop. So, keep your eyes peeled for that functionality!

How much do plus-sized titanium rings cost?

Due to the added costs from materials and workmanship, we charge an additional $30 for titanium rings larger than size 13.

Plus Sized Black Wave Gemstone Ring

Get your plus-sized Titanium Ring

Stop pining and get the ring you’ve been dreaming of on your hands!  

You can order any of our incredible designs online.

If you’ve got something different in mind, send us your idea or concept via our custom rings form and we’ll work on bringing it to life for you.

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