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I lost my Titanium Ring. Now what?

Losing anything really sucks. Precariously-placed top scoops of ice cream can topple off, seagulls can steal your sushi, phones and wallets can be left behind, and you (we're sorry to say) can misplace your prized Titanium Ring.

We've previously written about keeping your Titanium Ring safe. But if you're reading this, that ship might have sailed. Here's what we suggest you do:


1Keep Calm and Search 

The realization that you have no idea where you left something can suck the soul out of the brightest of days. But giving in to those frantic feelings might hinder your ability to find your ring.

Take a moment to breathe and think. Think about the last time you wore it and anywhere that it might be. Think about what you were wearing, who you saw, and what you did. You might be surprised by what you can remember when you aren't throwing things around your house in desperation!

If searching your memory has you drawing blanks, its time to make a broad plan for your physical search.

Check cluttered areas of your house, call businesses where you might have taken it off, and post on your socials* to see if anyone you know has seen it around (or remembers you wearing it recently).

It's easy to panic when you can't find something you treasure. For tips about how to conduct a thorough search, check out this blog post by The Independent which outlines the key to finding stuff you've lost.


Wedding ring tan on hand with lost ring

Image Credit - Flickr: Guian Bolisay (CC BY-SA 2.0)


1aFess Up First*

Before posting on your socials, it's time to fess up to whoever bought you the ring. Trust us, you don't want them finding out from your post - especially if it's a ring from your significant other. Or (perish the thought) your engagement ring or wedding band.

Your honesty and contrition should go a long way with them. But be understanding if your partner is upset or angry.


2. Ask for Help

Get help from wherever possible. 

  • Find someone you trust and ask them to help you search.
  • Call your local non-emergency police line and report it as missing property. 
  • Seek out someone with a metal detector and search areas you think you might have lost it. 

    Graphic saying nothing is really lost until your mum can't find it


    3. Ask Your Insurer

    We'd always recommend getting a specific insurance policy that covers your engagement ring, wedding band or any gemstone Titanium Ring - as well as any that holds particular value to you that you can't afford to replace. 

    It's still worth talking to your insurer even if you haven't taken out a specific insurance policy. Some insurers include limited coverage for accidental loss of or damage to household items, including jewellery up to a certain value. 

    We can't speak for your insurer, but it's worth getting in touch with them to find out what you're entitled to. 


    4. Replace the Original

    If you ordered your ring through us, contact support@titaniumrings.com to find out what you ordered and a quote to have it remade. Otherwise, if it was made by someone else, get in touch with us and we'll create a custom quote for you.



    • May 15, 2020
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