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Which Rings Suit Her Best?

Choosing a ring for your special someone can be daunting. With so many different colours, styles, materials and finishes, finding the perfect ring might seem impossible.  

But rest assured, this helpful guide will set you down the path to success!  

By considering just 4 things, you’ll be well on your way to finding the perfect ring. The one that reminds you of her in every way.  

Consideration 1: Your Feelings 

The ring will have immense meaning to her since it represents your feelings for her. You should go into the ring purchasing process with an open mind and open heart. From there, work out whether certain features remind you of her (and think about why!).  

To get started, check out this article by Vogue about the meaning behind different diamond cuts. If any of the cuts or descriptions stands out, it might be a good starting point for you. 

However, your feelings for her should be considered around her personal preferences and style 

Consideration 2: Her Interests 

Her hobbies and interests will strongly impact the best design for her ring. You want her to feel comfortable wearing the ring as often as possible – so it needs to be as practical as it is beautiful.  


Someone who spends a lot of time outdoors may not want a large ring or a ring with prongs. Instead, any features of the ring could be built into the band. Like with this unique black engagement ring. 

Diamonds Aren’t Every Girl’s Best Friend 

While diamonds are well suited to those with classic and elegant tastes, non-traditional stones – or even bands without stones – are becoming increasingly commonplace.  

If you haven’t spoken about diamonds in the past, reach out to someone she might have confided in about her wishes.  

Active Lifestyle 

Titanium rings are a particularly good choice for active people as they are lightweight and strong – yet still beautiful. This means they can keep up with her demanding lifestyle without cramping her style. 

Inspired by Nature 

If she loves nature-inspired décor or her appreciation for nature is just one of the things that makes her so beautiful to you, consider a nature-inspired ring design. 

Whether it’s a band wrapped in engraved vine leaves or a more subtle take – like with this rain-inspired design, a nature-inspired ring is sure to bring a smile to anyone who loves nature.  

Consideration 3: Her Personal Style 

Her personal style is also incredibly important. While the practicalities and thought behind your choice will inform how much the ring means to her, it should also work with her daily fashion choices 

Classic & Elegant 

The solitaire setting – rings that feature one centre diamond – are glamorous and classically stylish. So, they are bound to please anyone with inclinations towards elegance.   

Edgy & Outgoing 

If she creates her own trends, she’ll love a ring that highlights her unique tastes. Whether it’s a band with intricate details or a quirky design or colour, she’ll love that her ring is a true reflection of her own personal brand. 

Black Titanium Ring with Diamond Setting reminiscent of waves

Timeless & Trendy 

 If she loves fashion, she’ll love a ring that’s slightly unusual – but not too far off the beaten path. Choosing a minimal setting, an unusual stone, or an atypical cut on an otherwise timelessly stylish ring will ensure she feels trendy every day, no matter what fashion choice she makes. 

Consideration 4: Her Fingers 

Finally, you’ll want to choose a ring that she loves wearing. There’s no doubt she’ll want to show it off. But if she doesn’t love how it looks on her finger, she may feel a little more reluctant to do so.  

Different band widths, shapes, and styles will accentuate different elements of her hands. For instance, slender bands carrying an oval or pear stone (like this titanium and white gold engagement ring) can lengthen the appearance of shorter fingers. 

  • Look at rings she already wears 

Determining which style(s) she finds flattering is easy! Simply pay attention to the rings she already owns – particularly the ones she wears frequently. Look at the width of the band, the shape of any stones, and the colour and finish.  

Check out this Jewelry Wise blog post about finger features for more information. 


Titanium Rings are custom-made to order. Whatever her personal style, we’re bound to have something that will suit her (if not, you can create your own).  And she’s bound to love the thought and effort put into creating her perfect ring. 

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  • Jan 17, 2020
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