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Valentine's Day Gift Guide: Custom Gifts Your Special Someone Will Love!

With Valentine’s Day just one month away, it’s time to get the ball rolling on that special gift for your special someone.   

Nothing says “I love you” quite like a thoughtful custom-made gift tailored to your loved one’s unique tastes.  

Unfortunately, thinking of thoughtful custom-made gifts can be quite challenging. We’ve compiled this list of thoughtful gifts your special person is bound to love. 

Custom Couple’s Portraits 

Designed for couples who have recently hit milestones like moving in together, getting married, or another anniversary, these custom couple’s portraits from Etsy are adorable! 

They can be every bit as mushy, funny or cutesy as you wish. So, you’re sure to find one that sums up your relationship beautifully. 

Custom Flower Arrangement 

Red roses have been a symbol of love for millennia. An ancient legend asserts that Aphrodite’s tears and Adonis’ blood watered the ground from which red roses first grew. While red roses have also been linked to love and romance in ancient China, in Hindu legends, and in ancient Arabic tales.  

Red and white carnations, red tulips, and primrose are all also solid choices for floral arrangements to be gifted on Valentine’s Day. 

Work with your local florist to create a custom arrangement tailored to your feelings and your loved one’s tastes. For more information about the meaning behind certain flowers, check out this post. 

A custom floral arrangement is the perfect way to say everything, without saying anything at all. 

Custom Chocolates Made Locally 

Chocolate has long been associated with love for good reason: it contains both phenylethylamine and serotonin. These are both mood-lifting agents that occur naturally in the human brain.  

Our brains release them into our nervous system whenever we are happy – like, say, when we’re falling in love. 

That’s right, chocolate tricks your brain into feeling all the borderline-euphoric feelings you experience when you fall in love.  

By purchasing customized local handcrafted chocolates, your loved one gets to experience all the warm, fuzzy feelings along with intensely satisfying flavours.  

It’s a delightful (and delicious) way to tell them you love them. 

“What I Love About You by Me” Book 

This adorable book asks you to fill in the blanks for prompts that describe aspects of your relationship with and affection for your special someone.  

It’s perfect for couples at any stage of their relationship. Since you fill in the blanks, you choose exactly how romantic, raunchy or real you get.  

The book comes complete with fool-proof instructions and a plastic jacket reminding you to complete the sentences yourself.  

For best results: remove the plastic jacket before wrapping and handing over the relationship-winning gift.  

Custom-Made Titanium Ring from our Valentine’s Day Collection 

Buying your loved one a ring is the perfect symbol to show how much you care. Our eye-catching titanium rings are strong and enduring – just like your love.  

Designed to reflect your individuality, we custom-make durable rings your special someone will love. You choose the details like anodizing (colour), the finish, engraving, and whether to include precious stones or cubic zirconia.  

Caption: Emotions Titanium Ring 

We LOVE love. So, in the spirit of Valentine’s Day, our customers will receive 25% off any orders placed before February 1, 2020.    

Order yours today to avoid disappointment!  

Contact us with any questions. And don’t forget to keep our shipping times in mind for your Valentine’s Day gift 

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  • Jan 14, 2020
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