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Your Mom Deserves a Titanium Ring This Mother's Day

Your mom is amazing! 

And she deserves the very best there is. But it's hard to find something practical and beautiful that tells her how much you love her, right?

The stunning rings from the Titanium Ring's Mother's Day Collection speak volumes for you.

Tell Your Mom She Embodies Grace

The Three Graces Titanium Ring was inspired by the three graces of Greek Mythology: Charm, Beauty and Grace. Like its muse, this ring bestows goodness on the wearer, promoting joy and wellbeing.

The elegant interlocking design is strong and features cubic zirconia in the image. You could always upgrade to natural diamonds though!


Three Graces Titanium Ring


Let Your Mom Know You Appreciate Her

The Stella Titanium Ring, with its sleek and chic black finish and clear stone, is reminiscent of a wave. It's perfect to demonstrate the beautiful and caring relationship of give and take between you and your amazing mom. 

 The arms of the ring appear gently cradle whichever gemstone you choose. But rest assured, the ring setting is just as strong as her loving arms.  


The Stella Titanium Ring in Black Finish

Tell Your Mom You Love Her To Infinity

The Infinity Titanium Ring tells your mom you love her to infinity (and beyond). 

It shows her that your grateful for your unbreakable bond and that you value each and every thing she's done for you. It's bound to make her smile whenever she steals a glance at it. 


Say Thanks From the Family

The Family Titanium Ring lets your mom know how much you all appreciate her. Designed to allow for flexibility, the ring can be set with gemstones that represent three family members.

That might mean you and your parents, or you and your siblings, or your sibling and your mom. Whatever family means to her, she'll love being reminded every time she sees this stunning Family Ring.

The Family Titanium Ring with Three Gemstones in an interlocking configuration reminiscent of the infinity symbol

Mother's Day Collection On Sale

As a thank you to all the amazing mom's out there, we've made the Mother's Day Collection available at 25% off our usual prices. 

When you add those savings to our free refinishing for life and lifetime warranty, it adds up to incredible value for an incredible woman. 

Order yours via our online store. Or get in touch via our contact form with any questions or if you'd like to design your own custom ring for your mom.

  • Apr 29, 2020
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