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Ring in the New Year with a New Titanium Ring!

As we enter 2020 ask yourself this: have you treated yourself this year? How about your significant other? 

 The start of a new decade is worth commemorating – ignore the naysayers who may say otherwise. What better way to step forward into 2020 than with a titanium ring, stronger than any other material, ready for display.  

Celebrate the New Year with something memorable, something that stands the test of time, and something that will be with you throughout this new decade and long into the future. 

Why buy a titanium ring? 

First off, titanium is exceptionally lightweight, making it the ideal companion for daily wear. Titanium has long been challenging to craft into rings due to its high strength: it’s shatterproof and will not chip or crack. Further, it will not tarnish over time -- unlike most other metals. 

Titanium is a space-age material used in the aerospace industry and by NASA for these reasons. But, beyond its strengths in durability, it also has an appearance that is distinctive and eye-catching.  

Light bounces off titanium in a special way, bending across it and producing remarkably large, wide reflections. Paired with a gemstone, titanium rings produce a terrific glow of light that cannot be replicated with other materials. 

The special element in our products 

Titaniumrings.com has advanced the science that goes in to producing these rings. We developed the first method for setting gemstones into a titanium band.  

If you want to surprise someone with an extra special ring, our Eternity series is the first of its kind. The process we use to create these rings has never been done before. And it has produced rings with an exceptionally detailed finish that demands attention. 

The Eternity line of rings are made to order with gemstones set into the band, producing a flush ring that can be stacked alongside others for a dazzling combination.  

Available in half and full Eternity settings, your budget does not need to be excessive to own one of these spectacular new additions to the world of fine jewellery. 

Rings that make a statement 

For men, the Stealth lineup has been growing quickly in popularity since its release. These rings have been cut down so they’re thinner than our standard line of rings. This reduces their profile on the hand and makes them more comfortable for daily wear.  

men's titanium ringThe “Abyss is proving to be one of the more in demand rings of this series. Its popularity is bolstered by the subtle accents of two lowered grooves that may be anodized in your choice of color. With a high polish and understated design, the Abyss is a ring that fits any occasion or attire.

Conversely, the "Rocky Road” is another top contender entering 2020 for men’sblack titanium men's ring titanium rings, with a much more fashion-forward presentation. The surface of the ring has numerous crags and valleys stretching out all around it. Up close, the channels seem large. But, at a distance, they add a subtle glow as light bounces down into the inner columns. Truly a unique ring that looks exceptionally bold in a black finish. 



Celebrate 2020 with something special. TitaniumRings.com brings quality and form to your home, with everything you need to ensure that the ring you choose will last a lifetime. 

  • Jan 09, 2020
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