Resizing Titanium Rings

It’s a common concern for people considering a new titanium ring – “can I resize a titanium ring down the road?” Fingers change in shape and thickness, necessitating the occasional shift in ring size. We will put your worries to rest so you know how a titanium ring can be resized and how much titanium can change in size.

Can titanium rings be resized?

Titanium rings can be resized, but not to the same extent as more common metals. Titanium is a high strength metal. Our rings are crafted from a solid piece of titanium that is set to perfectly match the requested ring size. It cannot be melted down afterwards, therefore resizing is done in an alternate way.

"There is very little chance that your ring will change shape or warp over time."

We will absolutely resize or replace any ring that is accidentally crafted to an incorrect size from what was ordered.

However, most often rings are perfect when the customer receives it. It is not until a few years later that the wearer may find the ring feels too tight or too loose. If you find yourself in this situation, you still have a few options.

Increasing the size of a titanium ring

If a ring is overly snug, it’s a good idea to have it stretched out for continued, comfortable use. If you find that your ring is getting a bit too tight, you can send it in to us for an adjustment.

Most rings can be adjusted by 1/2 a ring size, although certain rings can only be increased by 1/4 (such as the Stealth, rings with inlays, and those with stone settings). If you require a ring to be increased by more than that amount, it will need to be re-crafted.

Decreasing the size of a titanium ring

Titanium rings can only be tightened or otherwise reduced in size by adding material to the inside of the band. We are innovators in this space, offering the highest quality tightening rods that will snug up a ring and maintain its comfortability.

Tightening rods are also popular with individuals who have larger knuckles, since it reduces the movement of the ring which, in turn, makes it easier to remove.

Bear in mind, tightening rods may interfere with inside engravings on the ring.

Man wearing right size of ring

Deciding on the right ring size the first time

Take a look at our ring sizing guide – it will offer you everything you need to know to ensure your ring is the right fit for you.

When looking through our offerings, be sure to consider the ring width. Wider wings are more likely to fit comfortably on individuals with larger knuckles. If you think that describes you, be sure to compare the ring width of options you like!

What to do if your ring does not fit

Your first step should be to determine how much change is needed in the size of the ring. We have a section of our website dedicated to offering tools and suggestions for finding your accurate ring size.

Once you know how much your ring will need to widen or tighten, please contact us for further information on shipping your ring for resizing. We aim to make the process as painless as possible. Rest assured, the process is designed to make your ring purchase a lifelong, satisfying choice.

Are titanium rings comfortable?

Each ring we craft is designed with smooth features and rounded insides so as to be the most comfortable to wear every day. 
There are some rings, such as the Stealth line, that due to their thinness have less room for rounding, but still have as much smoothing designed in as possible.
This is our greatest concern – for all our rings to be as comfortable as possible for a lifetime of enjoyment.

Our goal is to provide stunning rings that you enjoy wearing every single day. Get in touch if you have any questions about our selection of Titanium Rings!

  • Oct 22, 2019
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