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Resizing Titanium Rings

It’s a common concern for people considering a new titanium ring –

“Can I resize a titanium ring?”


To put the myth to bed - Titanium Rings can be resized. So, we do occasionally see customers who need their rings resized. With our experience of specializing in titanium rings since 1997, and the fact that we design and make all the rings ourselves, we can resize the rings that are made by us, and purchased from us directly.

The myth likely stems from the fact that titanium rings are resized using a different - more limited - method than traditional metals, like silver. 

This blog post will outline exactly how titanium rings can be resized and what that means for you.

Do Titanium Rings lose their shape over time? 

"There is very little chance that your ring will change shape or warp over time."

Fingers change over time - but titanium rings don't.

That means you will need to have your ring resized if you find that your fingers are getting bigger or smaller. 

You can expect your Titanium Ring to be long-lasting, lightweight, and ready for whatever you are - forever.  

Titanium's shape-holding capacity is a huge asset

Titanium's ability to hold its shape is incredibly beneficial for craftspeople and for you! 

Since it doesn't change shape over time, titanium is the PERFECT metal for locking in gemstones using tension settings. 

We achieve delicate designs that you just couldn't make with softer metals - since the risk of them warping an losing their grasp on the gemstone is so high. 


 Tension Setting in the Haly Titanium Ring design

Check out our exquisite range of tension-set gemstone Titanium Rings here. 


Resizing Titanium Rings

As we outlined above, Titanium Rings can be resized - just not to the same extent as softer metals.

Titanium is a high strength metal. And our rings are crafted from a solid piece of titanium that is set to perfectly match your ring size. 

On the other hand, softer metals are usually melted and then 'set to cool' at your ring size.  

Since titanium rings can't be melted down afterwards, resizing is achieved using different mechanisms.

Increasing the size of a titanium ring

If your ring is overly snug, we'll shave off some of the metal on the inside of the titanium ring so there's some wiggle room.  

Another blog outlined that "skilled jewelers" are able to increase the size of titanium rings - and we're thrilled to be counted amongst the small number of craftspeople that offer this service.

Most of the titanium rings in our collection can be increased by 1/2 a ring size. Although, certain rings can only be increased by 1/4 of a ring size, including the Stealth, rings with inlays, and those with gemstone settings.

If you need your ring to be increased by more than that amount, it will need to be re-crafted.

Decreasing the size of a titanium ring

Titanium rings can only be tightened or otherwise reduced in size by adding material to the inside of the band. We are innovators in this space, offering the highest quality tightening rods that will snug up a ring, while maintaining its comfort.

Tightening rods are also popular with individuals who have larger knuckles, since it reduces the movement of the ring, making it easier to remove.

Bear in mind, tightening rods may interfere with inside engravings on the ring.

Man wearing right size of ring

Deciding on the right ring size the first time

You can purchase a ring sizing tool from us for just $10 USD. If you go on to purchase a ring from us, we'll deduct the cost of the ring sizer from your purchase total! 


Ring Sizing Tool

For more information, take a look at our ring sizing guide. It has everything you need to know to ensure your ring is the right fit.

What to do if the titanium ring we made for you does not fit

Your first step should be to determine how much change is needed in the size of the ring. We have a section of our website dedicated to offering tools and suggestions for finding your accurate ring size.

Once you know how much your ring will need to widen or tighten, please contact us for further information on shipping your ring for resizing. We aim to make the process as painless as possible. Rest assured, the process is designed to make your ring purchase a lifelong, satisfying choice.

Are titanium rings comfortable?

Each ring we craft is designed with smooth features and rounded insides so as to be the most comfortable to wear every day. 

Our goal is to provide stunning rings that you enjoy wearing every single day. Get in touch if you have any questions about our selection of Titanium Rings!

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