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"Ringing" in the Holiday Season: A Gift Guide for Him & Her


Happy holidays everyone! With Christmas well underway and shopping for loved ones is in full force, we at Titanium Rings wanted to save you some time finding that perfect gift for him or her. If you are still looking for something thoughtful, precious, and perfect for a loved one, look no further. Here is a couple of gift ideas based on your loved one's personality.


1. If Your Loved One is Passionate About Family Heritage

 If he/she has a significant family history and holds tight to heritage, perhaps a ring such as the Fairy or Tristan Titanium ring would be a great fit. Both cuts resemble a strong past and a tight hold on family heritage. The elegance of the shape and design holds to a classic style, yet both reflect strength within the family history.


2. If Your Loved One Likes a Little Sparkle

 Do you have a loved one that enjoys adding a little bling to their accessory game? The Stella 5mm or the Eclipse Journey Cut are two amazing rings that bring together unique, classy, and sparkle. The cuts are distinctive to many, and a touch of a diamond is the perfect addition to the shine of this titanium metal ring. They both have an accent of classic love in their shape, while the minimal change in form and a traditional diamond create an overall perfect hand companion.


3. For The Couples Who Love Being on Trend

 Do you have a loved one that enjoys shopping, dresses, brunch with the girls? Or perhaps your loved one enjoys sports, athletics, going to games. These two rings are great for those couples who have a very definitive difference from each-other. The Forever Titanium Ring is a great elegant style for those who enjoy dressing up, is poised and well mannered, and loves all things girly. The Basketball Titanium Ring is a great statement piece for those who like sports, are very active and love occupying their time with athletics. The bonus, both rings look amazingly classy and not too intrusive or bulky on your hand.


4. If Your Loved One is Edgy and Contemporary

 If your loved one is edgy, classy, and enjoys a modern lifestyle. These two rings are perfect! The Infinity Solitaire Titanium Ring holds a classic style with a diamond in the centre of a nearly simplistic band. The oval cuts on each side give it an edgy modern look without taking away from the middle's sparkle. For him, the Stealth Facia Titanium Ring holds to a classic band for men. The ring gets its edge from being a bit wider than a classic cut, and instead of a rounded edge, the straight side and face create a strong fashion statement.



You can find these pairs alongside many other unique rings for him and her on the Titanium Rings website gift guides. Unsure as to what ring they would like? Why not get them a gift card and let them pick out the perfect piece for Christmas. Happy holidays and best of wishes this Christmas season!

  • Dec 07, 2020
  • Category: News
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