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How to Clean your Titanium Ring

Titanium rings are built to be robust, durable and everlasting. They are made to tolerate some of the most aggressive situations in our everyday life. But even the strongest of metals could use a little TLC when it comes to keeping its elegance. So how does one go about cleaning their titanium ring? How do you polish out scratches? Here are a couple of helpful tips when it comes to cleaning your titanium ring.

Firstly, The Cleaning.

For titanium rings, the cleaning process is a lot easier than you expect. Fill a blow with Luke warm water and mild dishwashing liquid. Allow your right to soak for 3-5 minutes. With a cloth, gently rub off any dirt and grime, followed by rinsing with warm water. If you happen to have a coloured titanium ring, still soak it in warm water and mild soap but omit the scrubbing process. Scrubbing may damage the coloured layer and cause unwanted scratches. If your ring happens to have stones, check that the cleaning solution you are using is ok on the rock. Some cleaning solutions may be harmful to stones depending on what type it is.

Second, The Polishing

If your ring very dirty, wash it and follow up with a polish. If it is not as dirty, you can skip right to the polishing part. To polish your ring, try using a cream metal polish such as Band Balm. Apply the cream to the metal using a q-tip and allow it to sit for a couple of minutes. Once it starts to dry, gently polish it with a soft cloth followed by water and mild soap. This will leave your ring shining as if it were brand new. If you have an anodized ring, be careful once again with the type of polish you use. Some can leave an oily film and make the ring seem as if it has never been polished. 

Polishing wood inlay

Wood Inlays

Due to the risk of the wood drying out, avoid harsh soaps to polish your wood inlay ring. Instead, try cleaning it with a damp cloth and vegetable or mineral oil. This will keep the wood healthy, solid, and it's colour lustrous.

Lastly, Everyday Maintenance

You can clean your titanium ring once per week, bi-weekly or monthly. If you are looking for something to keep your ring tidied daily, invest in a small jewelry polishing cloth. You can find these online or at many shops that sell lots of rings. Use a jewelry cloth daily to polish out any minor scratches, dirt build-up or dullness. You can also invest in wax to keep your ring polished and shining in between cleanings.

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  • Apr 30, 2021
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