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Men's Titanium Rings: Find the right ring for Father's Day!

Oh, how time flies. We thought we had just stepped into April, and in a blink of an eye, June was here! With June well underway, we also have a certain someone to recognize. Fathers all around are celebrated June 20th for Father's Day. Why not give dad something he can hold close and keep forever? Here are rings you can give dad based on his personality!


The Construction Dad

This dad doesn't shy away from getting a little dirty. He's the dad that you can always find when you need something fixed around the house or built from scratch. This dad needs something strong and resilient like him. Our stealth collection has just that. The titanium stealth collection has many rings that are simplistic, light and made for durability. Rings like the Abyss or Airell have a slight accent in their design but stay pretty simple, solid and make a great statement piece for dads looking to have a little flair to their wardrobe.


The Business Dad

This dad is the one who got you through school, no matter how many times you argued. He's got style, he's clean, and you can always find him with an old-fashioned in hand. He is the dad who has a library of financial advice and makes sure your prepared for your future endeavours. This dad is already a statement piece, so a more simplistic ring from our classic collection would suit him. Our classic collection is excellent as their shape is pretty standard but has very minimalistic characteristics on the ring. The Facia titanium ring is ideal as it adds a bit of edge to Dad's look. Want a bit more? Get dad the Samurai or the Solstice, as it has a classic shape but minor cuts in the ring to make it a bit more sophisticated. 


The Competitive Dad

This is the dad that drives us to soccer practice. He is there to coach us on our worst days and reward us for our wins, big and small. He wakes us up at 5 in the morning to go for a run and make time for a healthy breakfast. When it comes to video games, he can be a bit competitive, but he only does it to help you grow. He is the dad yelling at the ref during our basketball games and always has his golf clubs ready to hit the green. This dad needs a ring from the carved collection. Rings such as the Golfer or the Baseball titanium ring will let dad show his love for sports and look good at the same time. The carved collection has many uniquely cut rings that are great subtle statement


The Tough Dad

This dad generally is magically stuck with daughters. He's big, strong, and has your friends questioning if he's wrestled a bear once. He is the dad that generally dresses with his favourite band tees, can play multiple instruments and is not afraid to put his foot on the gas pedal. This dad has the exterior of a toughie, but we all know behind closed doors, he's a big teddy bear. His heart melts when his kids bring him home noodle art, and he wears a tutu to his daughter's ballet practice. He's the one that could wrestle a bear but would never hurt a fly. This dad needs a ring from the black titanium collection. The black titanium collection has many eye-grabbing and edgy rings but still has an undertone of class. Rings such as the Rocky Road or Equinox will have dad looking tough, solid but not too stand out.

Treat dad to something that will last forever. We have 40% off men’s rings for fathers day with international shipping via fed ex. Our rings are made with titanium-grade metal and last forever with minimal tarnish and scratching. Happy Father’s Day to all the dads out there!

  • Jun 08, 2021
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