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Black Titanium Rings: Science never looked so stylish!

Black Titanium Rings never go out of style. They're the perfect accessory for, well.. anyone. 

The more feminine designs are chic, classy, elegant, and badass - so they're as at home on your finger at your Aunt Margaret's high tea as they are in a mosh pit. 

As for the more masculine designs, we've got plenty for you. Rough and rugged, polished and sophisticated, low-key romantic, or maybe you just really want to immortalize your love for cars - we've got 'em all.

Before we dig into the ins and outs of our collection, we'll run you through the hows and whys - so you know just what kind of quality you can expect from us. 

The Sweet Sweet Science of Black Titanium!

So much science goes into our designs.

We're the geniuses who created the first prong setting for titanium rings. And the first eternity design. 

For our black titanium rings, we wanted to create a coating that would go the distance. No flaking, no chipping. Just effortless style, every day. 

Developing a Diamond-Like Coating for Titanium Rings

Every black titanium ring we sell is coated with a 'diamond-like coating' (DLC) created using the blood, sweat, and tears of the brightest engineers at the University of British Columbia.

The process we developed to create the DLC means the colouring penetrates well beneath the surface of the ring. This makes it incredibly durable, scratch-resistant, and it's really difficult for it to fade.

Throw all that into a ring made with our quality aircraft grade titanium - which is lightweight and built to last - and you know you're getting an exquisite ring that's designed to last as long as it will be in style (ages!). 

Check out the lifetime warranty on our rings - or just go right ahead and click 'purchase' if you'd rather find the proof in the pudding.

Alright, onto our favourite styles:

Black Titanium Rings with Diamonds

There's something stunning about the contrast between perfectly icy Canadian diamonds offset against black titanium ring settings. 

The Electra - Black Titanium Ring with Diamond Setting

The Electra Black features a single prong setting and a slender band with our unique black-diamond-plated finish.

The lightweight titanium sits comfortably against your finger, so you'll notice the ring stays put - instead of sliding around from the weight of the gemstone.


Black Titanium Ring with Diamond

 Buy the Electra here.


Black Titanium Rings: Wedding Rings for Him

The Abyss Black Titanium Ring has 3 stones - one to represent the past, one for the present, and one for the future. The double grooved band makes it a cult classic.


Abyss Black Titanium Ring with tension gemstone setting and three gemstones

Buy the Black Titanium Abyss Ring here.


Black Titanium Rings: Engagement Rings for Her

The Etoile Black Titanium Engagement Ring with Floating Gemstone

The Etoile engagement ring is clean and crisp in appearance. Your gemstone appears to float in the lightweight setting.

We offer the Etoile companion to complete this wedding set.

Black Titanium Ring with Square Floating Diamond

Buy the Etoile Black Titanium Ring for your engagement.

The Meghan Engagement Ring

The Meghan Black Titanium Ring could not be more stunning. 

You can customize the gemstones that appear to float in the gorgeous wave design, so it's a true reflection of your relationship and your love.

Meghan Black Titanium Engagement Ring with Gemstones

Buy the Meghan Black Titanium Ring here

Unique Black Titanium Rings

The Rain Black Titanium Rings

"Whenever it rains you will think of [them]."  Neil Gaiman 

This stunning Black Titanium Ring features a design reminiscent of rain teeming down a window. It's perfect for anyone you love. Anyone you want to think of you, anytime it rains.  

The Rain Black Titanium Ring

Buy the Rain Black Titanium Ring here.

A Black Titanium Ring You'll Love - Guaranteed!

How can we guarantee you'll love our ring designs? Easy. 

We've got an outstanding collection. But, if you can't find what you want, we'll make it for you based on your design routine.

Browse our collection of Black Titanium Rings here.

Or contact support@titaniumrings.com to discuss having a custom ring made.

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