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Colour Your Summer! Anodized Titanium Rings are the Summer Trend You Don't Want To Miss

Titanium Rings are brilliant. They're durable, lightweight, and scratch-resistant, so they're ready to keep up with you on your summer adventures. Plus, they can be easily customized in a range of colours - making them the perfect accessory to brighten up your day, every day. 

Anodizing Titanium to Create Colours

Your titanium ring won't be coated in colour. Instead, it goes through a process called anodization - which is actually pretty neat.

Essentially, an electric current is intentionally run through the titanium to increase the level of oxide in the surface of the metal. This changes the colour and, by controlling the process, a range of colours can be produced.

Our anodized colour options are Magenta, Shifting Purple, Blue, Teal, Spring Green, Gold and Rose Gold.

Protecting the Anodized Colour on Your Titanium Ring

While it's not a coat that's painted on, the colour achieved by anodizing your titanium ring is still technically a 'surface' finishing. 

To protect the colour from wear and direct contact, we apply our anodizing colours into recessed areas in a ring - like in our carvings or grooves.

Maintenance on an Anodized Ring

Much like any ring, our anodized ring will require maintenance and touch-ups over time to stay vibrant! 

Re-anodizing your titanium ring is part of our titanium rings warranty.

What do Anodized Titanium Rings Look Like?

Vibrant. Funky. Fun. Fascinating.

Check them out!

 Shooting Stars Fidget Spinner Titanium Ring 

Fidget Spinner Shooting Stars Titanium Ring with Rose Gold Anodizing Colour


Dreamers, superstars, and anyone who wants a stellar reminder of the endless possibilities out there  - this ring is for you! 

The stunning design comes in all our anodizing colours. And it spins! 

Fidget nervously (on the DL) or kick that nailbiting habit with something much prettier. 

Get it here

Treble Clef Titanium Ring

Treble Clef Titanium Ring

This timeless classic-profile titanium ring is ready to become your signature piece. The anodized accent might hint at your creative side - or playfully remind you of your favourite song. 

Get it here

The Guinevere - A Celtic-inspired Titanium Ring

Guinevere Titanium Ring Anodized Gold

The Guinevere is a powerful piece of wearable art that symbolizes a woman who naturally embodies all that is good in the world. Wear it to be reminded of all the vibrance, positivity, and power that exists around you every moment. 

Get it here.

Heartbeat Titanium Ring

Imagine having the beating heart of your baby or loved one expertly engraved onto a timeless and everlasting titanium band. Then, picture having their favourite colour shimmering around their engraved heartbeat. 

That's what you get with our Heartbeat Titanium Ring

Heartbeat Titanium Ring Anodizing Blue

High-Quality Anodizing Titanium Rings With a Lifetime Refinishing Warranty

All our Titanium Rings are made to order, so it's easy for us to customize the rings however you want. 

Whichever colour, whatever design - your wish is our command. 

Get in touch with our customer support (support@titaniumrings.com) or contact us for more information about a custom ring. 

Or order yours on our webshop!

And brighten up your summer.

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