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Alexandrite - The Heavenly Purple-Green Birthstone for June Babies!

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Alexandrite is a precious stone that contains beryllium, aluminum, and oxygen. It's part of the extremely hard chrysoberyl gemstone family, alongside the stunning cat's eye. The only stones that exist that are harder are diamonds and corundum stones (sapphires and rubies).  

What colour is Alexandrite?

Alexandrite, long considered a heavenly gemstone, changes colour under different lighting conditions. In daylight, the incredible stone appears greenish-blue through to a dark yellow-green. That changes when it's viewed under incandescent light or by candlelight, where the stone appears pinkish-red.

In fact, Alexandrite is frequently referred to as an 'emerald by day, ruby by night' by gemstone aficionados. 

Incredibly, the gemstone's chameleon-like characteristics can't be replicated. Synthetic alexandrite exists, however, its stunning natural colour changes haven't been reproduced in the lab.

Where did Alexandrite get its name?

Alexandrite was discovered in 1839 in the mystical Ural mountains in Russia on the birthday of the Russian prince, Alexander. Since its discovery, it has been considered lucky by the Russians. Red and green are the nation's colours, so the discovery of the colour-changing gemstone on Russian soil was particularly meaningful. 

Alexandrite: The Modern June Birthstone

June babies are creative, intelligent, bubbly, and happy with a thoughtful and mysterious streak. Geminis are well known for their twin personalities, and alexandrite, with its colour changing characteristics, perfectly represents them. 

Here's an article about What Science Says About Babies Born in June.

Alexandrite Engagement Ring

Why does June have 3 birthstones? 

June babies are blessed to have three birthstones: Pearl, Alexandrite, and Moonstone. Alexandrite is listed as the leading birthstone for June on modern lists. 

Usually, months have multiple birthstones where the supply of one (or more) of the stones is limited and can't meet demand. June is no different. But that doesn't make alexandrite any less perfect for June babies!

The Meaning Behind Alexandrite

Alexandrite is thought to bring good luck, wealth, balance, and love to wearers. 

You can read more about the meaning of the Alexandrite gemstone here

Is Alexandrite More Expensive Than Diamonds? 

Alexandrite is a rare and beautiful gemstone. Production has been limited for years, pushing up prices. But no, it's not more expensive than diamonds - particularly our Canadian-standard ethical diamonds. 

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