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A Guide To Valentine’s Gift Giving.

Are you stumped on what to do for Valentine’s Day? This is a tough time of year for many men and women as they look for new and inspired ways to show their affection. Here are some gift-giving ideas to get you going.

In Your Own Words

When it comes to heart-warming sentiments, card companies have some very compelling content in the cards they produce for Valentine’s Day. Despite this, nothing is more meaningful than saying you love or care for your partner in your own way.

Many of our customers choose to take advantage of our free engraving option, to add a special message to their ring purchase. If the band you choose suits engraving, you can add up to 35 characters for free. Engraved messages are placed on the inside of the ring band, which makes the message a personal expression for you and your partner.

Colour Their World

Does your partner have a favourite colour? A brilliant blue Topaz gem or Red Garnet Gem, set in one of our pure Titanium ring settings, might be just the ticket. Before choosing the gem, select a ring design that speaks to you.  Our website allows you to create your ring in two simple steps.

  • Start with a ring base for ladies or men. 
  • Select a gem
  • Build your own ring

If you’re not looking for a gem this year, anodizing a ring is another option that adds personality to a ring. Anodizing is a colour applied directly to the ring, it’s a great way to have a unique and personalized touch to a titanium ring!  Carved rings of all shapes and sizes can have the anodizing colour of your choice added. A popular carved option is the Amore ring for men or for women

As always, if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us at support@titaniumrings.com. We’re here to help with all your Titanium Ring needs.

  • Jan 06, 2017
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