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What is Black Titanium?

Everyone who loves jewelry probably has heard about black titanium rings. This is not surprising at all considering the sophistication of the styles one can choose from, its high quality and affordability when compared to the more common jewelry metals.

But what actually lends to the elegance of these rings? Of course making black titanium jewelry as stunning as this is not as easy as it may seem. These pieces go through various intricate processes before they come out to be just according to your liking. Not to mention, the team of people working behind the processes are excellent artisans who are experts in their craft.

Let us walk you through some interesting facts about black titanium.

The Process

Coating the rings with the diamond-like amorphous material is a very special process. This coating, when melded with the titanium surface, will produce a protective surface layer so hard and low in surface friction. This is the reason why these rings are scratch resistant and that simply means you can wear them every day without worrying about scratching them out.

Chemical Properties

The diamond-like material mentioned earlier is appropriately described as a thin film of diamond-like carbon (DLC). This is not actually diamond but predominantly composed of the element Carbon, which is the chemical bonding between the C atoms that is akin to that of diamond. However, the manufacturing process induces it to form an amorphous structure similar to graphite thus the end product is not diamond but diamond-like which gives the titanium rings its black color.

Another amazing feature of this diamond-like coating is it is chemically inert or simply put, it does not react with chemicals or acids. What is it then to you and me? It’s hypoallergenic. So, whether you are a lady wanting to wear a Meghan Diamond Black Titanium Ring or a man wishing for a Abyss Black Titanium Ring, isn’t that the best thing to hear? It is remarkable how science can be this awesome for practical everyday life. But aside from all the science behind these things, it is exciting to think that we can finally have rings that are also visually pleasing. Its high gloss, jet black sheen blends the dark smoothness of ebony and the rich glow of a south sea pearl. The end product reflects a classic, elegant and contemporary style that is long lasting as black diamond rings never fade or change color.

Of course, all this is made possible only when the material and craftsman work in harmony. Great material and excellent craftsmanship can produce the most awesome jewelry one can have and at www.titaniumrings.com we do just that! 

  • May 15, 2018
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