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How To Clean Your Ring

Got grease on your ring? Or it’s just time for a clean up. You want your ring to look like the first day you got it. Well, you will be happy to know, the solution is easy!

Keep your ring pristine on a regular basis, it’s easy!


Diamonds, as well as certain type of gemstones, are known to attract grease. Skin oils, grease and other impurities will settle in nooks and crannies in a ring, such as back of settings or inside prong settings.

Warm water and dishwashing soap is enough to get your ring shiny.

Along with this simple soap solution (dishwashing soap, body wash, baby shampoo with warm water), use a brush with very soft bristles such as a baby toothbrush to dislodge impurities without compromising the settings and stones of your titanium ring.

Titanium Rings are simple, strong, elegant and easy to clean. leads the trend in titanium ring production in the world. High-grade titanium rings manufactured in our workshop in Canada.

Be it our Black Titanium Rings, Titanium Engagement Rings, or any in our wide selection of designs, cleaning and maintenance will not be a problem.

For titanium rings with stones and stone settings: Avoid the use of hot water or steam. Excessive heat can discolor certain gemstones such as topaz, as some of them are coated to enhance color. Warm water is preferred.

Guaranteed, your titanium ring’s going to be shiny and squeaky clean on your 75th wedding anniversary. Because when we say Titanium Rings, we mean strength and elegance which lasts a lifetime.


  • Nov 08, 2014
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