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Titanium Rings Workshop - Behind The Scenes

The Bike That Started It All

In the early 1990s, co-founder Roy Arnell crafted a titanium mountain bike stem that would play a part in a lifelong love for design and craftsmanship.  Decades later, that craftsmanship can be seen in the form of exquisite rings produced by an amazing team in the “original titanium workshop”.


Roy Arnell's Titanium Bike
Roy Arnell Co-founder of Titanium Rings

Raw Titanium Bars

Each ring is custom made from a solid bar of aircraft grade titanium. It’s so cool to know that no two rings will ever really be the same... From computerized 3/4 axis machining, to hand finishing, and gemstone, international diamond, or Canadian diamond selection—your ring is truly yours.

Aircraft Grade Titanium Aircraft Grade Titanium
Titanium Ring Configuration Screen

Shaved Titanium

Shaved Titanium


Spirals of pure titanium shavings pile in a container after a day’s production of wedding bands and engagement rings.  Unfortunately the titanium can’t be reused since the melting point is a crazy 3,034°F (1,668°C).  Maybe we’ll send it all to Lady GaGa for her next wardrobe... We're sure she could make a dress out of it, right?

Anodizing Station

Using exact electric currents in a liquid bath, these customers’ rings are being anodized with different colors.

Titanium Ring Configuration Screen

What's Your Favorite Color?

Colors available are blue, magenta, shifting purple, teal, spring green, gold, and rose gold.

Titanium Ring Configuration Screen

Hand Finishing

Sometimes you have to wonder how things are really made.  Unlike some other jewelers, TitaniumRings.com does not mass produce rings in 3rd world countries.  They aren’t made from cheap materials and stamped out of some mold.  Each ring is crafted out of solid titanium, first by machine, then finished by hand.

Titanium Ring Configuration Screen

Hammer & Anvil

Yes, there’s a real blacksmith anvil in our workshop!  In this part of our workshop, melted gold and other metals are poured into grooved titanium rings to produce our precious inlay collection.

Titanium Ring Configuration Screen


Tools of the Trade

“Diamond in the rough” is great depiction of the whole process as each ring starts so raw and progresses through various stages.  Not all rings make the final cut, but the ones that pass quality control end up as works of art on hands around the world.

Titanium Ring Configuration Screen

The Original Titanium Workshop

Although not the original location since the workshop has expanded since the 1990s, the space is filled with a funky hybrid of computerized equipment costing as much as a house, and equally funky and skilled workers adding a human touch to each ring.

Titanium Ring Configuration Screen

Titanium Ring Configuration Screen

Please browse our catalog to view our wide variety of titanium ring styles or contact us if you have any questions. We would love to be part of your celebrations by creating the perfect ring for you or your loved ones!

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