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Your Custom Titanium Ring: Design a Ring As Unique As You

Samsara Liung Custom Titanium Ring

This custom Samsara with anodized "Liung" dragon carvings allows you to create a truly unique custom titanium engagement ring because it features a carving, colored gemstone and a tension setting.

by Natalie Appleton

The car you drive, the scent on your neck, the shoes on your feet all tell the world who you are, so why wouldn’t you want a unique ring too? Custom titanium rings allow you to wear jewelry designed just for you, as a reflection of you.

Unlike other metals, there are a surprising number of ways you can customize women’s or men’s titanium rings to make your jewelry stand out from the crowd. Explore them all so you can create a ring everyone will be asking about.


The top five ways to create a custom titanium ring:


1. Color. 

Is red your favorite color? Does it capture who you are—bold, youthful, passionate? Adding red enamel, either in single or double strips, creates a distinct, eye-catching look. One of our most popular colored enamel custom titanium rings is The Abyss, inspired by the 1989 James Cameron cult movie of the same title. Some customers are choosing to add colored enamel to their titanium wedding bands to incorporate and remember their wedding colors.


2. Carving.

Carved rings offer another way to express yourself. Right now it’s popular for men's titanium rings to include carvings such as thorns and oriental symbols. Women love carved rings, too. The Daenerys, for example, is one of our titanium engagement rings was customized to feature a dragon and a tension set cubic zirconia, both of which you can be selected in the color of your choice.


Camelot Gold Inlay Titanium Ring

The Camelot mens titanium ring features a 14k yellow gold inlay with a sculpted, Celtic-inspired pattern for a classic, distinguished look.

3. Precious metal inlays. 

Give your titanium ring some texture, depth and a touch of you with a precious metal inlay. Whether it’s a subtle touch of white gold or the bold Camelot sculpted yellow gold, titanium wedding bands with a precious inlay add dimension and tell your unique story as a couple.


4. Gemstones. 

Princess Kate may have made it popular in North America, but colored gemstones have been popular in Europe for decades. More and more women are wearing titanium wedding rings featuring a colored gemstone or a handful of them. These bright and attractive gemstones can be paired with a contemporary or traditional setting to make your ring a one-of-a-kind.


5. Tension setting. 

Instead of using prongs like other metals such as gold or silver, titanium rings can use pressure to keep your diamond safe. As well as keeping your stone in place, a tension set titanium ring gives the stone the appearance of floating on your finger for an ultra feminine look.


There are even more ways to create your very own custom ring. Black titanium rings offer a modern, masculine look and inner ring engravings offer a traditional way to say something special to your special someone.  


Are you looking for beautiful and unique custom titanium rings for all time? View our wide selection of titanium wedding bands, men's rings, engagement rings and black titanium rings to find the jewelry you’ll treasure forever.

  • Oct 11, 2011
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