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Fun, yet bold. We carved a simple groove into our traditional flat profile Facia black titanium ring for a slight twist. The end result is a black titanium ring that radiates charisma and who’s color and design catches the eye of everyone who sees it. 

The Mojo black titanium ring also comes in a wide selection of colors to choose from to add a custom element to each ring. With a multitude of options, you’re sure to find one you like that adds that final complementary piece to your style and look.   

The addition of our Black Diamond Coating to the Mojo Titanium ring brings even more character to your ring! We’re incredibly proud to say the coating is an original creation of ours that you won’t find on rings made by others. It has a deep lustrous black which is incredibly durable and scratch-resistant so you can enjoy life’s milestones without compromising your style 


Time to Make - 10 business days 

Ring Width Shown - 6 mm