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Inspired by the honor of samurais, the Samurai black titanium ring will catch the eye of anyone. The slanted edge-cuts on the Samurai black titanium ring symbolizes the intricate armor and offers a fierce, bold look to this titanium ring while showcasing understated elegance. 

Add color to your ring to complement your style with a range of options. Customize the look to your taste with the selection of colors available including goldshifting purple, and teal 

The addition of our Black Diamond Coating brings even more character to your black titanium ring, and we are proud to say it’s an original creation of ours. It offers excellent resistance to scratching and marring that will occur over the years. Its jet-black, high-gloss finish make your black titanium band a real show-stopper with just a simple wave.


Time to Make -10 business days 

Ring Width Shown - 6 mm