Our brand ambassadors are chosen based on their enthusiasm for our brand and their ability to represent us. A large social media presence is welcome, but not required – particularly if your following is smaller but has a track record of jewelry sales.

What you get in return:

Our ambassadors are given a discount code for a ring (or rings) in the TR Ambassador Collection in exchange for a series of posts about our products. The level of discount you receive will depend on your following (both in terms of its size and common interests).

Once you’re signed up as an ambassadors, you can expect:

  • Flexibility on deliverables and timelines
  • No scripts
  • High-quality support from a great team
  • A discount code to share with your followers

We’ll also promote your posts across our own social networks, so in return for our exposure across your networks, you’ll receive exposure across ours. 

Our expectations:

In return, we expect you to post a series of posts (minimum 4 over the course of one month) that outline a mixture of the following:

  • The quality of your Titanium Ring and our workmanship;
  • The characteristics of Titanium;
  • Fashion advice;
  • Information about your ring; and
  • Information about the Titanium Rings brand.

Beyond your posting schedule, you’ll be required to convey your respect for our brand to your followers in all your communications. You’ll use respectful and inclusive language when engaging with your audience, our audience, and with us as a brand.

Please bear with us

We receive a lot of requests from people hoping to represent us and we don’t always have time to make our amazing rings at a discount. Rest assured, we will get in touch with you if we feel you’d be a good fit for our brand.

Please submit your details to us via email. Note that requests made via our social media platforms will not be processed.

Have a question? Email marketing@titaniumrings.com