Mens Wedding

Whether you're looking for a wedding band with a minimal design or one that makes a statement, we have a variety of men's wedding ring styles to choose from. Crafted with precision for ultimate comfort and durability. A free lifetime warranty is included with all our rings.



Mojo Stealth Titanium Ring
The Stealth version of our popular Mojo Titanium ring. We carved a simple groove into our traditional flat...
Pyramid Journey Cut Titanium Ring
The Journey cut is a unique and symbolic Tension setting representing life and the journey of the beholder....
Chronos| Sterling Silver
A classic ring with a more contemporary appeal, features a silver inlay contrasting with a glossy black finish...
Ascent | Diamond Tension Past-Present-Future Titanium Ring
The Ascent Tension Set - Past Present Future Titanium ring has two angular slopes on either side of...
Eagle Stealth Titanium Ring
The Eagle Stealth Titanium ring. Is expertly carved with an eagle taking flight symbolizing strength, speed and agility.  Only 1.5mm at...
Chrysalis Stealth Titanium ring
The Stealth version of our popular Chrysalis ring is only 1.5mm at its thickest point and is as...
Ultima Diamond Titanium Ring
The Ultima Titanium ring features a squared shape that stays put on your finger. This is a clean...
Bumblebee | Diamond Tension Set Titanium Ring
The Bumblebee tension Titanium ring is a domed, double grooved band that securely hugs a 3mm Diamond. This...
Abyss | Single Inset Diamond Titanium Ring
The Abyss with a single 3mm diamond is a double grooved Titanium wedding band that appeals to both...
Eclipse Titanium Ring  | Diamond Single Inset
The Eclipse with a single 3mm diamond is crafted entirely out of 6AL/4V Titanium. The Eclipse is a domed...
Facia | Diamond Past-Present-Future Titanium Ring
The Facia Past-Present-Future Titanium Ring features a 3mm centre diamond with 2mm diamonds on either side. The Facia is a...
Samsara | Mens 6mm Diamond Titanium Ring
Our Samsara Titanium ring is a contemporary ring, designed to make a statement - bold yet simple, the...
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