Wedding & Engagement
The ring is a symbol of never-ending love. Shop our titanium wedding and engagement collection to find your perfect ring style, crafted from everlasting Titanium.
Eclipse | Men's Titanium Ring
An absolute classic. This simple domed Eclipse ring is by far one of our most popular Titanium rings,...
Tire Tread Titanium Ring
This spectacular custom crafted Titanium Tire Ring is a radical must have piece for any automobile enthusiast. The band features...
Abyss | Single Inset Gemstone Titanium Ring
The Abyss with a single 3mm gem is a double grooved Titanium wedding band that appeals to both...
Camelot | Black Titanium Ring
The Camelot Black is a striking display of precious metal inlay with a sculpted pattern of Celtic inspiration...
Equinox Journey Cut Titanium Ring
The Journey cut is a unique and symbolic Tension setting representing life and the journey of the beholder....
Chevrons Titanium Ring
The Chevrons Titanium ring has a unique woven design which is pleasing to the eye and comfortable to...
CHRONOS| 14K Yellow Gold
A classic ring with a more contemporary appeal, features a straight 14k gold inlay contrasting with a glossy...
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