Mens Carved

Carved with precision, these U.S Aircraft grade Titanium rings are stunning pieces of wearable art. Many can be customized with color anodizing or finished with the sought-after black diamond coating.  

The Nugget Gold Inlay Titanium ring
A stunning Titanium ring with 10K Gold center piece.  The Nugget is faceted and polished to perfection by...
Tire Tread Titanium Ring
This spectacular custom crafted Titanium Tire Ring is a radical must have piece for any automobile enthusiast. The band features...
Titan Titanium Ring
Our Titan Titanium ring features a traditional flat profile enhanced by a precisely carved ornate design accented with...
Rocky Road Titanium Ring
This edgy Titanium ring displays a perfect combination of tough and style. Our Rocky Road ring is durable,...
Fusion | Titanium ring
A Beautiful, hypnotic Titanium design entwining from the symbols of Eternity, Forever, and everlasting love.  This timeless and endless...
Voodoo Titanium Ring
Hardly understated, the surface of this ring is set ablaze by expertly carved flames. A rugged ring that...
Hypnos Titanium Ring
The Hypnos Titanium wedding band is a very unique ring. Symbolic of endless love; this fine weaving Celtic...
Liung Dome Titanium Ring
A classic dome profile Liung Titanium ring with an Asian spin. Beautiful, ornate serpentine dragons are carved around...
Dragons Titanium Fidget Ring | All Black + Color
  Chinese styled dragons adorn this spinning center section for an exotic feel!Available from 8mm to 12mm widths and...
Barbed Wire Titanium Ring
A classic Aria with a daring twist: a barbed wire design neatly carved into the surface, giving it...
Alynore Phase Titanium Ring
The Alynore Titanium wedding band is a very unique design. This one-of-a-kind ring is carved all the way...
Edge Titanium ring
This Titanium ring is designed "with a twist". This contemporary style is decidedly trendy and can be worn...
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