Mens Carved

Carved with precision, these U.S Aircraft grade Titanium rings are stunning pieces of wearable art. Many can be customized with color anodizing or finished with the sought-after black diamond coating.  

Rocky Road | Black Titanium Ring
This edgy Titanium ring displays a perfect combination of tough and style. Our Rocky Road ring is durable,...
Crusader | Two-Toned Titanium Ring
The Crusader Black Diamond Coated Two Toned Titanium wedding band is based on our "Abyss" ring model, but...
Amore | Mens | Black Titanium Ring
The Amore Black Diamond Coated Titanium wedding band is a deeply carved celtic heart inspired design. Symbolic of...
Argyle Classic Black Titanium Ring
Rugged yet elegant, this Argyle Black Diamond Coated Titanium ring displays a carved-through realistic woven pattern for a...
Atlantis | Black Titanium Ring
Our Atlantis band with elegant Greek-inspired waves carved deeply into Titanium ring with Black Diamond plated coating. This...
Chevrons Fidget Ring |  all black diamond finished and colors
“Chevrons” A fidget spinner with a chevron patterned surface that addsgrip and conservative style to your dynamic ring.Available...
Chevrons | Black Titanium Ring
The Chevrons Black Diamond Coated Titanium wedding band is covered with intersecting angles. It was named for the...
Claddagh | Black Titanium Ring
The Claddagh Black Titanium (Black Diamond Coated) wedding band is a very well-known and iconic Celtic design. Claddagh...
Galahad | Black Titanium Ring
The Galahad Black Diamond Coated Titanium ring is a carved dual celtic knot design. Very sturdy, this Titanium...
Hypnos | Black Titanium Ring
The Hypnos Black Diamond Coated Titanium wedding band is a very unique ring. Symbolic of endless love; this...
Lancelot | Black Titanium Ring
The Lancelot Black Diamond Coated Titanium wedding band was created to be a powerful piece of wearable expression....
Liung Dome | Black Titanium Ring
A classic, elegant domed profile Liung Titanium ring with an Asian spin. Beautiful, ornate serpentine dragons are carved...
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