Black Titanium
Our very own Black Coating is extremely durable and scratch-resistant!

We developed our coating with the help of some of the brightest engineers from the University of British Columbia. We are very proud to offer this diamond-like coating (DLC) on any of our rings. 

With its ultra gloss finish, this silky smooth coating provides the ultimate in protection for your black Titanium ring.

Rocky Road | Black Titanium Ring
This edgy Titanium ring displays a perfect combination of tough and style. Our Rocky Road ring is durable,...
Abyss | Black Titanium Ring
Our Black Diamond Coated Abyss Titanium wedding band is inspired by the cult classic movie and can be...
Rain - Mens Black Titanium Ring
A strong, contemporary look and innovative texture for a ring makes a great choice for gentlemen or ladies...
Stealth | Black Titanium Ring
Our Stealth Titanium ring with its extra-low flat profile, is designed for men and women looking for a...
Eclipse Titanium Ring | Black
An absolute classic ring. This simple domed Eclipse ring is by far one of our most popular Titanium...
Tire Tread | Black Titanium Rings
This spectacular custom crafted Black Titanium Tire Ring is a radical must have piece for any automobile enthusiast. The band...
Apex | Black Titanium Ring
Our Black Diamond Coated Apex Titanium ring features steeply bevelled edges in glossy Black . Clean and linear...
Apex | Two-Tone Titanium Ring
The Two-Toned Apex Titanium ring features steeply beveled edges that are natural Titanium hued, in stark contrast with...
Abyss | Two-Toned Titanium Ring
The Two-Toned Abyss Titanium wedding band is inspired by the cult classic movie and can be an excellent...
Samurai | Black Titanium Ring
Our take on an ancient Japanese tradition. The slanted edge-cuts on the Samurai Black Titanium ring offers a...
Mojo | Black Titanium Ring
We carved a simple groove into our traditional flat profile Facia Titanium ring for a slight twist. The...
Soulmate | Black - Titanium Ring
A classic, simple domed aircraft-grade Titanium ring adorned with a lightly carved in Chinese symbol for Soulmate. A...
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