The finish on your titanium ring refers to the exterior surface treatment the ring undergoes. The finish chosen enhances the design and affects the durability of the ring.

Because we offer engraving servings and tightening rod additions, customers sometimes send us titanium jewelry made by other ring makers. Unfortunately, although these rings were nice and shiny when new, the quality of the finishing is often quite poor. Lack of interior finishing, incomplete polishing, sharp edges, gouges and other blemishes on the surface show up under close inspection.

You need to understand that the finish treatment given is just as important to your ring as the design itself! Our rings are finished to a high-jewelry level - greater than many of the rings found in boutique jewelry stores. They can pass inspection under 10 power optical magnification. Our diligence towards your ring’s finish results in quality that you won’t find elsewhere on the internet.


About Titanium

Titanium is a white metal with a charcoal grey hue. It has a unique look which separates it from precious white metals. The color is darker and deeper than silver or white gold and it can be most closely compared to platinum, but with a smoky touch that makes it quite attractive in jewelry. offers 4 choices of finish on our titanium ring jewelry. No matter which finish you prefer, your ring will not tarnish or rust. Over time, your ring will acquire minor surface scratches or scuffs from everyday wear or rough handling, but a simple refinish procedure will restore your ring to virtually new brilliance.

Over years, a titanium ring that is not refinished will show a nice, fine patina - comparable to a satin finish - that many people love.


Browse our men's titanium rings or women's titanium rings to find specific rings made in each of these finishes:


shiny mirror-like and chrome-coated polished finishPolished
A polished finish is very shiny, almost mirror-like. This finish can be compared to the look of other white precious metals which are highly polished, or chrome-coated objects.



Satin finish with visible directional textureSatin
A satin finish is similar to a brushed finish, with a visible directional texture. It reflects light differently than a polished finish and is less bright in appearance.



Diamond plating finish options - 5x engineered diamond plating and black diamond coatingDiamond Plating Finish Options
5x Engineered Diamond Plating and Black Diamond Coating

White basic titanium is a strong metal with a high strength-to-weight ratio. However its low surface hardness and high surface friction results in poor resistance to superficial scratching and marring.


We have specialized and licensed a production process that permanently coats your ring in a combination of crystalline and non-crystalline diamond material. This process is second-to-none in terms of adding durability to your titanium ring. It combines with the titanium to create a protective layer so hard and low in surface friction that normal daily wear and tear marks will largely be resisted.

Please note: This is not comparable to information you may have read elsewhere about “black coating” on titanium. The diamond plating process we offer outperforms all other coatings that can be applied to titanium to change its color.

We offer two options:
The 5x Engineered DiamondPlating is a clear coating that does not affect the natural colour of titanium, and this coating offers extended protection against slight marring caused by daily wear and keeps the shine for a longer time
The Black Diamond Coating option results in a black diamond finish that is eye-catching and has unmatched durability.

This specialized diamond plating is chemically inert and will not react with acids or chemicals. It is silky smooth to the touch, providing a gleaming patina that produces no friction. If your ring appears to be scratched, light polishing will remove the marks.

Black diamond coating will never fade or turn color. The ultra-glossy, jet-black sheen brings together the dark smoothness of ebony and the rich glow of a South Sea pearl for an effect that is classic, elegant and contemporary in style.

We offer refinishing of rings purchased through this website free of charge, except for shipping charges to and from our workshop. Visit our warranty page for details on refinishing.